Kelly Olynyk says Celtics' depth is hard to scout

Every year when the NBA Trade Deadline comes around we see the same thing. Bad teams are selling off assets to get back picks and enter the rebuilding process and contenders are looking to add on more player to bolster their bench.

The Celtics won't need to worry about their bench when the deadline comes around this season. The depth of this team has been widely discussed since the additions of David Lee, Amir Johnson and the three draft picks during the offseason. The C's roster is set up in a way that every player has a chance to be productive and there is not a weak link when it comes to plugging in quality players, even when Brad Stevens gets down to the 12th man at the end of the bench. The team knows that this versatility is one of its greatest strengths:

Olynyk is right. As an opposing team coming in to play the Celtics you know that Isaiah Thomas is going to be someone that needs extra attention on the offensive end, but besides that, what else do you know? You can scout for the potential of Jared Sullinger and Olynyk going off like they did when they played the Washington Wizards last Friday, but is there any guarantee that happens? On any given night the Celtics could have a different player lead them to a win. One night Thomas puts up 35 points and seven assists and the next night Johnson can carve up an opponent with 18 points and four blocks.

Opponents just don't know who is going to be the driving factor for the Celtics on a consistent basis, which causes problems across the board.

In the first five games of the season we have seen the extremes of how the depth can effect this team. During the three-game losing streak it looked like Stevens did not have a grasp on who should play with who and productivity suffered because of that. Against Washington though, things clicked, and we as fans saw how dominant the Celtics can be on both sides of the ball. It's a balancing act.

Is the depth and versatility going to be an asset for the C's or will it cause problems when it comes to playing time?

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