Green Envy: what wizards fans said -- 11/7

Well, that escalated quickly. Yes, the Celtics got out of control fast, scoring forty points in the first quarter en route to a blowout 118-98 victory, and Wizards fans were les than pleased. What follows are the deranged thoughts of the same people who think Kevin Durant will give up playing with Russell Westbrook to play with John Wall; you have been warned.

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Our tears are just making the pancakes soggier.

This big men is hurt the team, they're to slow and not athletic enough to keep up with players up and down the floor. And not good enough to defender shooters behind the arc on switches in zone D.

It’s fitting that I had skunked beer considering how bad the Wizards lost.

Play of the Game: (Sully's pass from his Bum)

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That squad is still trash tho.

May be for a little minute too, while everyone gets healthy.

Typical 20pt blowout on an opponents home floor, happens all the time 

KD, you are our only hope

... well I see this place is really not fun after losses

 Plus hall of fame sharpshooters Jared Sullinger and Evan Turner shot 5-8 from 3. You won’t win
games like this.

 Anyone else think Wall should completely abandon the 3?

 Let's keep crying in the recap

 An open roster spot is more valuable than Dejuan Blair

 Would we have still lost this game the same way had we still have Paul P Truth?

 The Wizards played a hybrid defense of "standing" and "watching".

 They were probably laughing how bad Blair is

 Oh Jesus, Joey Crawford reffing this one. FML.

 Looks like that quarter shocked this board into silence. damn.

 That might be the only 3 that Rozier makes this season.

 Sullinger is fat and he's killing the Wizards starters.

 Is there a team with a worse group than the Wizards? I can only think of the Nets, and they're not even trying to win basketball games.

 Gooden played in 8 minutes vs the Spurs was Fart-esque. Jared Dudley managed a -15 in his 6 plus minutes of the 1st quarter. 

 Well no sense in watching this mess. I hope we lose by 50. adios

 Sessions is **** sleepwalking out there.

 It's Wittman's fault, he stole Blair's confidence because he's a meanie

  Can't win in this league if you turnover half you possessions and play crap defense.

 Isiah Thomas and Evan Turner always look like HoFers against us.

 Ha ha, KO ain't giving up the rock when he gets it.

 Dudley played like a moron tonight

 Sullinger and Olynyk were shooting out of their collective arses.