Green Envy: What Nets fans said 11/20

Coming into the game, we all knew the Brooklyn Nets were horrible. As a fan I feared the C's would take their opponent lightly and as a result, it would be a contest. Boy was I wrong, that was a whooping. I can't imagine having to watch the Nets all season

Top Three:

I was looking forward to seeing zombies on the walking dead sunday night. guess I don't have to wait. they're playing tonight.

It honestly looks as though we're nursing a hangover

Nets always here to ruin the moment. I enrolled in my #1 choice college the other day. But this debacle is ruining all the fun

Observation of the night: There aren't many Billy King fans in Brooklyn:

King is in attendance Go find him, give him an earful on behalf of all of us

BK is the laughing stock of the NBA

haha. celts commentators talking about how nice and smart a guy BK is

I hate the whole Atlantic so much now
except for the Sixers. They haven’t done anything to warrant too much hate. Wait nevermind, they pretty much gave us Billy King.

King will be around to give out big contracts in the offseason to mediocre players

Seriously, what the moiso is wrong with Billy King? How could someone whose job it is to understand basketball, be so stupid when it came to evaluating talent? How? The guy is plain stupid.

Full Slate:

Please don't get spanked

Boston sports announcers are absolutely insufferable. I don't know what it is about that city, but it systematically breeds homerism

less then 1 minute into Celtics pre game & they talk about the draft pick. Ughhh sometimes I hate living near Boston. On top of that I get 48 minutes of Tommy Heinsohn

It is torture listening to these boston announcers

Hmmmm....looking pretty clear that refs are going to let Celts foul whenever they want

Our guards are so bad at passing. I'm happy you're shooting less Jack, but this is twice you've thrown it away...

Nice transition D by Karasev. If that was Joe, he would be pouting somewhere around mid-court

TRob looks like a stiff out there... I thought he was athletic

Ian Eagle is wasting his talent on this horrific franchise.

Stop. Taking. That. ^&*#(*$. Shot

Over/under how many more games until Paul Westphal is our coach?

Another missed free throw from Bogs just cuz he has to look cool with his form

I'm done. no effort. nothing. same iso play over and over and over and over.

hand the ball over. iso in the post. hand the ball over. turnover. nothing new at all

blowout in 3... 2... 1...

What did you guys expect? This team is a wreck, at least i can go to bed early for my early morning.

Wow we suck. Good thing I passed on League Pass this year

Going to go play Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. Peace.

I'm hoping for blow outs in both games against Boston. Maybe that will be enough for a coaching change.

This team needs a new voice

ISO Joe looking like a slug doesn't help.... expected a "huge season" from Joe Jesus...

First half summary: Our players are bad and our coach is bad and everything is bad

If only we had a coach that could motivate them

This is a great roster for tanking. Too bad Boston has our pick.

Since when did everyone on this team become ISO Joe?

whose playing nets bingo tonight

Why do we always get messed up by the Celtics? They have nba caliber players and a good coach and we have andrea bargnani

LMAO just walking in from work, turns on tv sees score laughs… its beyond me how we have only 9 assists to the Celtics 23??? good gosh there is no way King isn’t fired by tomorrow

It takes a lot for me to turn off a game, but…. I think I’m gonna go watch Shark Tank

How bout Nenad krstic? I’m sold. We could probably use Eddie House too

Josh Boone is better than Bargniani

If bricking mid-range jumpers was the most valuable basketball play, Bargniani would be greatest ever.

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