COJ - Evan Turner might need to go home

Over the Summer, HP's Matt Moore wrote an article entitled 'Evan Tuner's not bad, and that's a problem for the Boston Celtics.' While the subject line is pretty self explanatory, Moore goes on to remind us of Turner's career-narrative - Even when he convince ourselves he's doing well, he's inefficient. And that's where advanced stats to show him to be just about league average.

Well, good news - bad news, gang. Through four games Evan Turner has been just plain bad. For a team that puts an emphasis on efficiency, ET's shot chart reads like a straight horror-show.

It's where stats hurt. They confirm what you think you're seeing; Evan Turner can't stop being Evan Turner. He just can't stop taking mid-range pull up jumpers that usually don't come in the flow of an offense. 53% of his shots are pull up jumpers, and only 31% of those shot attempts are going in. And it's what is so infuriating about Turner. He's so hell-bent on taking a low probability shot w/ a low payoff. It's as if he's convinced that points are awarded based on shot-difficulty.

He presents the same issue as always. He's not a building block for the future, and he doesn't represent definitive value as a trade asset. Does what he bring to the table enough to offset the minutes he's taking away from Boston's younger 'could-be' assets (Rozier, Hunter and Young)? And does his own inefficiencies, short the Celtics' offensive potential (also known as 'The Rondo conundrum'?

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What the Hell Happened to... Mel Counts
By TB727

This week in WTHHT, we remember back to Mel Counts. Mel was an All American at Oregon State University and in 1964, played on the US Men's Team that Won the Olympic Gold Medal under Hank Iba. Mel would be picked in the first round by the Celtics with the 7th overall pick and made sure he arrived at training camp in the best shape of his life. He'd heard of Red Auerbach's intense training camps and had to be prepared.

That first training camp felt like boot camp. The first three days we didn't shoot the basketball. We'd go full bore from 10-12 and then from 2-4 with hardly a drink of water. There wouldn't be any breaks. Back then they didn't know as much about nutrition as they know now, and about how the body recovers from exercise.

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