COJ: David Lee frustrated with his playing time?

David Lee sounded frustrated with his lack of minutes (15:48). Said he'll continue working toward trying to earn more time.

Source: Ben Rohrbach, WEEI & Ball Don't Lie

It's possible that Ben Rohrbach, an excellent reporter, could be reading too much into Lee's comments, but if he is frustrated with his playing time it's easy to understand why. The former All-Star welcomed a trade to the Boston Celtics under the idea that'd allow him to get a significant increase in playing time, allowing him to rebuild his reputation as he enters free agency next summer. So far, his minutes per game is actually below what he saw with the eventual World Champions.

By his own admission, Lee started off pretty poorly - which partially explains his limited playing time. But despite two solid performances in back to back games, Lee still has yet to receive more than twenty minutes.

The problem for Lee is the same for so many players on this team right now; where are these minutes coming from? Jared Sullinger's been by far the most consistent big this season, get played 33 minutes last night. Outside of him? Amir Johnson got 14. Kelly Olynyk, 13. Tyler Zeller, DNP. With the roster constructed as the way it is today, the only way David Lee can expect a serious uptick in minutes is that if he can consistently be relied on to play some minutes at the center position; which seems like a real long shot based off a career of subpar defense at the power forward position.

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Say what you will, I always enjoy the Knicks being competitive

What the Hell Happened To... Brad Lohaus

by TB727

Lohaus was a 7 foot lefty from Iowa. Despite his height, over 1/3rd of his NBA points came from 3 pointers made. In other words if you’ve never seen him play, think Toni Kukoc without all the other skills that made Kukoc very good. I remember some referencing Lohaus as being the evil twin brother of Matt Bullard, (below) another Hawkeye with the inclination to shoot 3s instead of play inside. I think it was more just because they were both tall white guys with blonde hair from Iowa.

Here's the scouting report on Brad Lohaus from an old book I had, prior to the start of the 1990 season, right after he had been picked by the Timberwolves in the expansion draft from Sacramento, at the ripe old age of 25:

Once thought to be a key member of the next generation of Boston Celtics...Now you've got to wonder if he'll still be in the league in a couple of years...But playing in his home state may be an inspiration...Size is always an asset, so if he'll just learn to use it, he could be a keeper...Born Sept 29, 1963 in New Ulm, MN, the same tiny town that produced Oakland Athletics' catcher Terry Steinbach...Was a second round pick of the Celtics out of Iowa in 1987...Went to Sacramento in midseason deal last year for Ed Pinckney and Joe Kleine...Made $380,000 last season...May be too nice a kid...Needs to develop a mean streak and add some bulk...Minnesota's fourth pick.

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