COJ: The Celtics defense is impregnable

Infamously in a game against the Orlando Magic back in January of 2012, Avery Bradley's full court defense was so stifling, so murderous, so constant, that Point Guard Jameer Nelson - who had committed five turnovers in just 25 minutes - allegedly asked Bradley to stop picking him up at full court. Regardless of if Nelson actually petitioned for civility; the effect Bradley had on Nelson was obvious to even the most casual viewer. Nelson clearly wanted nothing to do w/ bringing the ball up, wishing only for the final buzzer to sound.

The Houston Rockets were collectively a team of Jameer Nelson's last night; At some point in the third quarter visibly giving up on the night after a seemingly endless tirade of Celtics steals (22 turnovers in all, leading to 39 points). Battered and beaten, each player content with cautiously getting the ball over the half court line, and was completely fine with anything that could be described as 'not humiliating.' Their coach looking worse for the wear during this game, than he would've after spending a night with Larry Bird.

And that's just the way this Celtics team likes it:

"We want teams to feel defeated. We want to keep our foot on the gas pedal and keep going." - Marcus Smart

Source: Jay King, MassLive

Smart's night epitomizes what the Celtics have become; 1 for 11 shooting, plus 30 in 30 minutes. Or, 'I don't care how I"m shooting, I'm making an impact on this game.'

Nine rebounds, six assists, five equally emasculating steals. He's Mike Tyson on the court right now; a devastatingly bad man, with only the truly meanest intentions. He wants the freaking ball, and he doesn't like it if you have it. That's his.

It's clearly boiling over. All five players on the court are completely in sync. Waiting to attack. Abiding for their opportunity to repossess the ball and lead the charge to an easy basket. Turning this Celtic team from a nice little story into a force to be reckoned with.

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