Terry Rozier and Jordan Mickey remain quiet on Louisville scandal

Over the last couple weeks, details about the Louisville recruiting scandal have been surfacing and the newest reports have implicated Celtics rookies Terry Rozier and Jordan Mickey as being involved in the scandal via John Barr and Jeff Goodman of ESPN.com:

Terry Rozier was asked about the scandal and he had very little to say on the matter:

Powell, in her book and in the interview with Outside the Lines, said Louisville recruits JaQuan Lyle, Antonio Blakeney, Jordan Mickey and Terry Rozier all had sex during their recruiting visits. Lyle, Blakeney and Mickey either could not be reached for comment or declined to comment.

Rozier said: "I don't want to talk about it. ... I was already committed before I took my visit. ... I will say, though, Coach P [Pitino], as far as the dorm situations and visits, he'd go out to eat with the recruits and their parents. As far as after that, he wouldn't know. ... I can say his nose is clean."

In Scott Souza's article on South Coast Today, Jordan Mickey was also asked about the news reports and didn't address much either:

“I really didn’t even watch the special (on Tuesday),” Mickey said. “I was getting ready to get a shooting session in before everyone else. I am just focused on my game right now, trying to prepare my body for the season and everything I need to do to get ready to play.”

In Mark Murphy's article from the Boston Herald, Rozier also further expressed that he's moved on:

“I just pay attention to what’s important in my life right now,” said Rozier. “That’s not really important to me. I’m just trying to be better. I’m a Celtic, I’m not a Cardinal anymore, and I’m trying to move on.”

Mark Murphy also got Coach Brad Stevens thoughts on the situation:

“I’m not here to figure out the allegations,” he said. “The allegations to me are saddening, and for a lot of reasons. What I talked to them a lot about are the expectations of being a Celtic, to represent yourself, this city, this team, and how important it is to do that well. We talk about that with all of the guys. All of us have to be reminded to represent ourselves and our teams well.

“That’s where the majority of my conversations with them have been focused, based on the allegations from a couple of years ago,” said Stevens. “I just focus on, this is what we need to do to represent ourselves right. I don’t want to get into judging based on those allegations.

While not all of the details have come out, it is a little bit concerning to see Rozier and Mickey being tied to the Louisville recruiting scandal. With Rick Pitino and the university in the hot seat, there should be an investigation launched by the NCAA into the matter that should result in some sanctions if these allegations are proven true. It's good to see Rozier and Mickey trying to ignore the noise. As the regular season approaches, one has to hope their minds are on Celtics basketball and nothing else.

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