Someone who isn't actually Steph Curry wants RJ Hunter to have a great year

We were fooled by a verified twitter account that isn't Steph Curry posing as the NBA Basketball Player. Blinded by excitement of how Curry would want to take RJ Hunter under his wing, we collectively overlooked that @haitianfreshBSM is prob not his twitter handle. Actually, it's definitely not his twitter handle. It's @StephenCurry30. What follows it what I would have written had this twitter interaction taken place between the two NBA players and not @hatianfreshBSM and @RJHunter22.

The Celtics drafted RJ Hunter to stretch the floor with his three point range. But Danny Ainge has to be hoping that the Georgia State product develops into a junior version of another mid-major alum with a long distance stroke. Steph Curry. And, for some odd reason, the newly crowned NBA champ is pulling for Celtics' first round pick this year.

OK. So... why did this happen? Maybe it's because they both have unique looking quick releases they use to fire 24 footers? Maybe Steph Curry is a fan of Mr. Robot?

Or maybe somebody showed Curry this video of young RJ essentially challenging him to a duel?

Why RJ Hunter Thinks He Can Beat Stephen Curry by CampusInsiders

Whatever the reason, Celtics fans will take any connection between RJ Hunter and Steph Curry. Even if it's simply the reigning MVP wanting the rookie sharpshooter to have a blessed year.

Photo Credit Boston Herald/Ted Fitzgerald