Olimpia Milano coach and players give (mostly) high praise for Celtics brand of team basketball

Former Purdue Boilermaker standout Robbie Hummel (pictured above guarding David Lee), who played 98 games with the Minnesota Timberwolves over the past two seasons, was quit impressed with Boston's team-oriented play yesterday:

Hummel's Olimpia Milano coach, Jasmin Repesa, echoed a similar sentiment after the game.  Via the Associated Press, Repesa said:

Honestly it surprised me because I know they started their camp a few days ago. But they played really well together.

The way they played, moved the ball, offense, defense... I'm really surprised they can play this sort of basketball after just a few days together.

Brad Stevens' club clearly put an emphasis on spreading the ball around--no player took more than 10 shots, while 13 different Celtics had four field goal attempts.

As complimentary as he was of the C's, Repesa apparently thinks very highly of his own ballclub as well:

Hmm... I guess you should never doubt the importance of scouting your opponent?

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