Jordan Mickey's five minutes of fame (at least for now)

To the surprise of many, second-round draft pick Jordan Mickey was chosen for the C's opening night active roster ahead of James Young (it may or may not be the result of Kelly Olynyk's suspension, something to keep an eye on going forward).

With the Celtics up 17 points in the final two minutes, Mickey saw his first NBA action.  The rookie promptly grabbed a defensive rebound, then another on offense, got to the free-throw line, drilled two foul shots and dished out an assist on a Jae Crowder three--all in the span of 58 seconds.  Mickey's final stat line: 2 minutes, 2 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 foul.

The result?  Some spectacularly amusing small-sample numbers this morning:

Terry Rozier also saw the benefits of Mickey's garbage-time success:

Imagine if Brad Stevens hadn't left Mickey in for that last unproductive minute...

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