Tommy Heinsohn inadvertently (or not) flips the bird in Hall of Fame speech

Tommy Heinsohn has practically hit the trifecta of being a Celtics legend as a player, coach, and a compelling broadcaster. His latest call to the Hall this week saw him honored for the second of those three phases of his career in Boston, but that didn't prevent him from being wildly entertaining in the process.

Heinsohn pulled out his hilarious ref-blasting card on fellow inductee Dick Bavetta before moving on to a story of asking Hank Finkel to defend Wilt Chamberlain in his induction speech. The story involved showing those watching, in full detail, the response Finkel gave him after getting his middle finger caught in the net in the process:

Saturday's ceremony also saw Heihnson's beloved point guard Jo Jo White enter the Hall, who Tommy coached for the length of his tenure.

Tommy's ability to be both a legendary figure in NBA history and a walking highlight reel of funny moments has been astounding, this latest is one of many that'll leave him as one of the most memorable figures among C's fans everywhere.

What other Hall of Fame coach could just flip off the crowd and have everybody walking away laughing? Certainly not Calipari.

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Photo Credit: Zach Harper