Throwback: Von Wafer's laughable dunk attempt

Basketball feels too far away, as I think many of you can agree with. So with over a month until regular season NBA action I might as well try my hand at a nice throwback like another great writer on Celtics Life.

Ben Rohrbach of Yahoo Sports recently took a look back at the infamous Von Wafer "dunk" of 2011, so what better way to pass the late portion offseason than with some reminiscing laughs?

The date was April 11, 2011 and Boston bench-riding guard Wafer was getting a rare appearance in a NBA starting lineup. Wafer had already lugged 40 minutes and Washington had driven the game into overtime when suddenly a wide open lane to glory at the rim opened up for the C's guard.

What Wafer found instead was the blooper reel, a three step disaster that amounted to one of the worst dunk attempts of the decade.

One: Wafer sent the ball flying off the back of the rim as he elevated for the one-hand-slam.

Two: Wafer stared down the crowd with ferocity as they laughed. Unbeknownst to him, play continued in the background.

Three: As Wafer imagined himself on Sportcenter's Top 10 he quickly realized he was destined for the Not Top 10. He then bumped into Jermaine O'Neal immediately off the offensive rebound and caused a double-dribble at a crucial point in overtime.

Worst of all, the Celtics lost the game 95-94, so make it four steps. Needless to say Von Wafer doesn't play in the NBA anymore.

So "what the hell happened" (as we say around here) to Wafer? He got another shot in Orlando in 2011-2012 before embarking on a world tour for basketball work that took him to Puerto Rico, Russia, and now China.

Oh yeah, he also threw a flying knee to an opponent's groin back in February and sent a chair airborne after his ejection.

At least we know he's alive and well.

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Photo Credit: CSNNE