Marcus Smart mentioned in Steve Clark's lawsuit against Oklahoma State

Celtics guard Marcus Smart has spent a great part of the summer recovering from dislocated fingers, but a disturbing story relating to his college days at Oklahoma State has recently emerged.

According to Tulsa World, former OK State player Steve Clark has sued the university and its head coach Travis Ford for abuse Clark claims came at the hands of Ford and the team.

The report specifically points to psychotropic drugs that Clark was allegedly forced to take after he complained to Ford of “hazing and abuse” from Smart. Clark claims the drugs began “manifesting in suicidal and homicidal thoughts as well as erratic behavior,” and he was required to take them as a condition of staying with the team.

Clark was dismissed from the university in 2014 after two separate arrests during his freshman season for marijuana possession and the final straw of urinating out the window of a vehicle.

According to Sporting News, Clark is claiming Ford and the team ruined his dream of playing in the NBA and is seeking a variety of damages:

Clark is seeking damages for breach of contract, violation of due process, assault, battery, intentional/negligent infliction of emotional distress, negligence and breach of fiduciary duty.

Its currently unclear what Smart’s specific role in the lawsuit is, but the claims within it are pretty disturbing so it is at least something to keep an eye on.

The C’s guard was in his sophomore year during this time. Clark added that he was “scapegoated” by the team’s starters when marijuana was found in his room which led to a suspension for him.

Gary Shutt, speaking for Oklahoma State University in response to the suit, stated “(Clark’s) claims are completely and utterly baseless.”

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