Isaiah Thomas' goals for 2015-16: Build on last year's playoffs, make the All-Star team

Last week, Isaiah Thomas appeared on SiriusXM's boxing program Going the Distance to discuss his buddy Floyd Mayweather.  The Celtics guard also shared some insight regarding his thoughts on the C's upcoming season.  Via ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg, Thomas said:

First off, team goals, we just want to build from what we did last year. We made the playoffs, but we definitely weren’t satisfied. We think we have a better team than we had last year and we have a full season together -- it’s only going to make us better. My goal for the team is to make the playoffs and just build from there. Hopefully win some games and win a series and go from there. 
Then, individual goals, I don’t have too many. When you achieve your team goals, then your individual success comes. But I definitely feel like I can be an All-Star. I’m not just saying that. I honestly feel that way. With hard work and dedication and just taking my craft serious.

Isaiah's team goals fall right in line with what is generally considered a reasonably optimistic outlook for the Celtics in 2015-16.  He also added:

First and foremost it comes with team goals. And just getting [to the playoffs] and being the best team we can possibly be.

With Thomas repeatedly expressing his desire to be a starter, it's nice to hear him stress that he's not focused on individual goals.  Regardless, is the All-Star Game a realistic scenario for Thomas?  It's a stretch, but not outside the realm of possibility.

Last year, John Wall, Kyle Lowry, Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving, Kyle Korver, Jeff Teague and Dwyane Wade all made the East roster as backcourt players.  It seems unlikely the Hawks (Korver and Teague) will still have the same magic this season.  Plus Irving is hurt, and Wade is 64 years old.  That's four spots that could easily open up for someone like Thomas.

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