How the Atlanta Hawks are selling tickets this season

What is going on in Atlanta?

The Hawks in 2014-15 had one of the most impressive seasons in franchise history which saw the tearm earning 60 wins and coach Mike Budenholzer winning Coach the Year.

The question that needs to be asked is how we capitalize on all this success? The answer is simple:

Abandon one of the greatest logos and color schemes in all of sports:

Replace it with this:

Think outside the box with social advertising campaigns like this.

It’s great because no one associates professional athletes with infidelity, so yea-- why not cash in (?) on the recent Ashley Madison scandal which exposed hundreds of thousands of men and women trying to have as many affairs as possible?

OH! I get it now. These aren't people FROM Ashley Madison... they're people who are NAMED Ashley Madison. It's completely different, but also completely relevant.

As long as the Hawks don’t ditch their pre-game presentation, I’m willing to keep this team pretty high on my NBA League Pass Can’t Miss list. If this goes, I’m throwing my non-Celtic support behind the Magic.