Should Avery Bradley be the next Celtics captain?

The Boston Celtics have never gone a season without having a captain. Since the departure of Rajon Rondo, a replacement has not been named.

Brad Stevens did not name official captains for his Butler teams, and seems to have preferred developing leadership naturally rather than by declaring a leader preseason.

I like the idea of this year's Celtics not having a captain. It would be symbolic of there being no star, and the team being a full squad of interchangeable parts. Perhaps keep the spot open for a future star?

Should they name a captain for this season however, Avery Bradley would be a good candidate, and the longest tenured Celtic. In an article by the Boston Globe's Andrew MacDougall, Bradley even expressed some interest.

“I would love to take that role,” he said. “I learned a lot from [Rajon] Rondo, KG [Kevin Garnett], and those guys. I learned to be a professional on and off the court.

Beyond being the longest tenured Celtics player, Bradley is the lone link to the big 3 era, so most likely he has learned some things his teammates have not.

“It’s my job to show my teammates that I should be the captain of this team. I should be the guy teaching them how to be professionals, how to go out there and perform at a high level so we can be successful.”

If a captain is named, I think it should be Bradley. It's crazy that he is just 24 years old. It feels like he has been around forever already.

The tenure, the link to the big 3 era, the maturity, and the desire to do so should put him in the lead spot.

Photo Credit: Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty Images

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