DeAndre Jordan being wooed by emojis in weirdest development ever

What the hell is going on?

We've already spoken about the Celtics-centric ramifications of DeAndre Jordan potentially leaving the Mavs at the alter and returning the Clippers, but there has been a new development.

With seemingly every important member of the Clips and Mavs rushing to Houston to woo a confused Jordan, a new negotiating tactic has been unleashed.

The emoji.

First, Chandler Parsons, who hinted he would be traveling via plane to meet with Jordan.

Then JJ Redick, who doesn't need a plane. He is close enough to drive to meet up with Jordan in Houston.

Next was Blake Griffin, who would need three separate modes of transportation to reach Houston.

Then all was quiet for a bit, while the internet stirred. Yesterday, this ridiculous picture of Chris Paul riding a banana boat with several other guys you might recognize took the world wide web by storm.

Absurd picture, but a perfect chance for Paul to one-up everybody in the emoji game.

The game is over, the Clippers have won. Parsons fired first, but the Clippers fired back harder.

Expect Jordan back in LA by nightfall.


(Please note that this is not an emoji but rather a picture of an emoji. Paul Pierce: basically your dad trying to be cool. I love you Paul)

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