After bizarre emoji filled day DeAndre Jordan reneges on Dallas and will return to the Clippers

Here's the latest on one of the craziest sports stories ever. (Tweets are not in chronological order.)

This is likely good news for the Celtics as Dallas' 2016 1st rounder belongs to Boston due to the Rajon Rondo trade. The Mavs were looking to still be a playoff team with Jordan, so that pick would have likely been in the late teens or early 20's. Now it's going to be much closer to the bottom. Problem is if the Mavs tank (like Mark Cuban has suggested) and the pick falls to the bottom 7, the Mavs keep the pick and a day would looked like one of good fortunate for the Celtics will actually end up having hurt us.

We'll keep you updated on whether the Mavs look to tear things down or patch together the best team they can. Obviously we are rooting the latter.

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