Will the Celtics trade up for the Hornets' pick?

The NBA Finals are happening. Lebron is putting up an all-time great series, Steph Curry is back to his ankle breaking ways, and now someone in Cleveland is trying to get $1 billion for his seats. Perfect time to overanalyze some Chad Ford tweets about the upcoming NBA Draft.

Makes sense that Charlotte would be looking for a wing. Big Al opted in. Spencer Hawes might have been buried alive on Doc Rivers' bench during the playoffs, but now he's on his way to the Charlotte frontcourt as part of the Lance Stephenson trade. So who might be the best dance partner for that type of deal?

That's right, your asset-laden Boston Celtics could be in the mix. Yes, this is raw speculation, but there's no denying that the Celtics have the picks to make something like this work. Would the Celtics' two 2015 first rounders be enough to make that happen? It definitely gets the conversation started. In 2013 the Celtics dealt two second rounders and the 16th pick to move up to 13 and nab Olynyk. If the two firsts aren't enough, adding one of their second round picks to a trade could very well catapult the Celtics into the top ten.

With the Hornets' pick, the Celtics have a shot at getting 7 foot defensive swiss army knife Willie Caulie-Stein. Myles Turner would likely be available as a nice rim protecting consolation prize. Frank Kaminsky and Trey Lyles might be a bit redundant to the Sullinger-Olynyk-Zeller trio as offensive minded bigs that can't protect the rim, but Danny Ainge could value either prospect more than any of the three existing Celtics. I like Stanley Johnson's upside defensively, but it would be nice to draft some scoring on the wing. Screw it, maybe Ainge should just bypass the Hornets and snag the 6th pick from Kings to grab Justise Winslow.

The draft is less than two weeks away and anything is possible.