Seven years ago today, the Celtics won the NBA Championship

As a Celtics fan today's date, June 17th, holds a special meaning to us. Seven years ago the unthinkable happened. After a 22-year drought, the C's clinched their 17th World Championship.

In Game Six of the Finals, the Celtics beat down the rival Lakers 131-92, in front of a jacked up Boston crowd.

For a quick refresher here is the box score:

On that magical night, Kevin Garnett and the Celtics proved that anything was possible!!!

Nobody, and I mean nobody, had more fun during the post-game celebration than KG, with Big Baby as a possible runner-up.

I wish I could relive that feeling of watching your favorite team win it all. So let's do it again sometime very soon.

On a side note, what is Gabe Pruitt up to these days? Answer: He's playing basketball in Greece.

Photo credit: Barry Chin/Globe Staff

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