Rumor: Celtics looking to trade with Philly to draft Jahlil Okafor

Yesterday we heard about the Celtics trying to trade up to #3 and today we hear who their target is. Take this rumor with some grain of salt as I'm not that familiar with the twitter account. Apparently the writer writes for Sheridan Hoops though. I will refrain from questioning Sheridan Hoops, as Chris Sheridan is most famous for suing Peter Vecsey when when Vecsey called BS on a Sheridan rumor. Okafor could potentially fall to #3, because Kristaps Porzingis has shot up draft boards and is rumored to be possibly going #2.

Assuming this trade rumor is true, the Celtics would likely have to pay a king's ransom to trade for Okafor. Sam Hinkie is not a GM you can take advantage of. If I'm Philly and Jahlil Okafor falls to me, I simply draft him, but the 76ers might feel that with Noel and Embiid already on the roster they don't want to go through the headache of playing them all and then eventually trading one or two. In today's NBA there isn't really room for multiple big men on the floor (see Detroit with Drummond and Monroe).

My guess is the trade would be Marcus Smart and two firsts for Okafor. The teams would probably haggle over what protections to put on the 1sts, but if the Celtics could draft Okafor they would finally have a cornerstone young player to build around. We'll keep you posted with any more news on this.

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