LaMarcus Aldridge needs new digs, plans inevitable move to Boston

The Blazer's LaMarcus Aldridge is selling his home. Actually, Damon Stoudamire is selling the home that he rented out to LaMarcus Aldridge. Apparently Aldridge sold his waterfront condo last year because he hates building home equity. Or Aldridge was playing the long game, knew that he was leaving, and dumped his property early so he never has to go back to Portland ever again. Also, having Damon Stoudamire as your landlord does seem like a no brainer.

But that's neither here nor there. All this really means is Aldridge is 100% coming to the Celtics next year. He clearly needs a roof over his head, and I can't see any reason why he wouldn't come to Boston. Maybe he's moving here. Maybe here. I'd be happy to get a Massachusetts Real Estate license and go house hunting with him later this summer. Damon Stoudamire's welcome to come along too.

And not to get ahead of ourselves here, but we do have prime real estate for number 12 on Causeway Street, so we've got that going for us. Which is nice.

Photo Credit: AP/Charles Krupa

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