Get ready for the epic Kendrick Perkins vs. Leandro Barbosa NBA Finals showdown

Remember the legendary 2003 NBA draft?  Of course you do, because Kendrick Perkins was picked No. 27 and Leandro Barbosa went No. 28 (a few other guys taken before them may have also made names for themselves in the league).  Twelve years later, the pair of former Celtics will square off with a championship at stake.  I bet you didn't realize this NBA Finals had such a distinctive green shade to it?

Perkins vs. Barbosa poses a bit of a conundrum as far as Boston fans' rooting interest goes.  In Celtics' lore, Perkins is obviously the bigger name.  He started at center for six-and-a-half seasons and helped bring us a title.  Not only that, but his ACL tear in Game 6 of the 2010 Finals likely cost us another.

By comparison, Barbosa played just 41 games in green before also tearing his ACL during a forgettable 2012-13 campaign.

Unfortunately for Perk, this is our lasting memory of him at the moment:

Perkins has a total of eight points and eight rebounds for the Cavaliers this postseason.  Besides his goon-for-hire role in Game 4 vs. the C's, he has yet to play more than two minutes outside of garbage time.  On the other hand, Barbosa is averaging 4.9 points in 11 minutes per game in the playoffs for Warriors.

Sorry Perk, but Leandro is my guy.

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