Could there be a new friendship brewing between Brian Scalabrine and R.J. Hunter?

If you watched the Celtics draft coverage Thursday on CSNNE, you saw the disappointment on the faces of Kyle Draper, A. Sherrhod Blakely and Brian Scalabrine when the Celts drafted Terry Rozier with the 16th overall pick.

But when the C's selected R.J. Hunter with the 28th overall, the group had a different reaction, especially Scal:

The White Mamba is killin' it with those moves. You can't stop Scal you can only hope to contain him.

Thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter, it looks like Hunter took a liking to the video:

All indications are that Hunter is a very likeable kid, who should be a fan favorite in Boston. It won't hurt if he can learn a thing or two from Scalabrine, who remains a legend in Beantown.

Why not start with a dance off?

Photo credit: DONALD ROCKHEAD/FILE/Boston Globe

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