Celtics are most aggressive team trying to get into top 10

A friendly reminder for you Celtics fans who are waking up on Christmas draft morning right now, your Boston Celtics are trying harder than any team outside the top 10 to get into the top 10, according to Ken Berger of CBSSports.com

The Celtics are proving to be the most aggressive team trying to trade into the top 10, league sources say. Boston has the 16th and 28th pick Thursday night, and GM Danny Ainge also is willing to discuss anyone on the roster in a bid to acquire a premium pick. Sacramento (No. 6), Denver (No. 7) and Charlotte (No. 9) could be open to dealing, sources say.

Just because Danny Ainge is predictably being the most aggressive GM out there doesn't necessarily mean the Celtics will actually get into the top 10 picks. At some point the price may outweigh the product.

Of course Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix also reported he would be "surprised" if Boston didn't get into the top 10.

As we know, it's the draft and we will hear every possibility rumored, but tonight it finally happens and rumors either become reality or are finally put to rest. Happy Draft Day everybody. It's all happening.

Photo Credit: Darren McCollester/Getty

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