An early look at Summer League

Sophomore-to-be Marcus Smart looks to build on his performance from last year's Summer League.
Last year the Celtics participated in the Orlando Summer League but not the Las Vegas League. The summer team finished 3-1, but more importantly fans got a closer look at Kelly Olynyk's strengths and a first-time look at Marcus Smart.

Familiar face Chris Babb, who drew positive reviews from many fans, will be returning to the 2015 summer team:

Unlike last year, the 2015 summer-edition Celts will be participating in the Las Vegas league with many others:

Boston will also be one of four teams involved in Utah's newly minted Utah Jazz Summer League, but will be absent in the Orlando tournament. Fans will look to see strong showings from Marcus Smart, James Young, and the to-be-determined 2015 draft picks.

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