What's Rajon Rondo's next move?

Admit it Celtics' fans, the majority of you were willing to give Rajon Rondo a hefty contract at the beginning of this season. Many people, like myself, were hollering that the 9-year veteran still was a top level point guard, who deserved to be paid like one. I was predicting that the guard who helped the C's to banner 17 would make around $85 million for five years.

Well, where's my dunce cap, because I would have looked like an absolute moron. (Luckily any proof of my Rondo-love should be very hard to find on this wonderful thing we call the internet).

But oh how the mighty have fallen. Before being dealt to Dallas in December, Rondo was arguably a top-15 point guard. Now you'd be hard pressed to name five NBA franchises that even need a starting point guard, never mind one that struggles to put the ball in the net, especially from the free-throw line.

You can't even imagine someone matching the $12 million a year the guard made this season. The only thing worse than Rondo's jumper was the way things ended in Dallas.

Going down the small list of teams that need point guards, you have to wonder if any squad wants to deal with a hard-headed player like Rondo. The Lakers come to mind, Sacramento is an option, but would you want to pair Rondo with DeMarcus Cousins?

The Knicks would have been a decent fit, but running the triangle with a point guard that can't shoot doesn't make sense.

But alas, I have a solution for the one-time NBA-champ.

With the cap going up following next season, a lot of pending free-agents this summer could take one-year deals, banking on a bigger payday in the 2016 offseason.

If I'm the 29-year-old Rondo I sign a one-year cheap deal this offseason, and pray that I show everyone willing to take notice, that the Dallas situation was a fluke. A case of the wrong guy in the a bad situation.

Rondo's attitude problems are one thing, but the fact remains that he hasn't been the same physically since suffering a knee injury in early 2013, which would cause GM's to balk, way before the negative vibes from Rondo are even addressed.

Here are some other teams I'm pulling out of thin air...

New Orleans, for instance, is a team that has had point guard issues in the past, since Jrue Holiday seemingly is hurt every year. So the idea of a healthy Rondo tossing lobs to Anthony Davis, or driving and dishing to Ryan Anderson is a viable option.

No disrespect to the legend that is Norris Cole, who played 24.4 minutes per gamer for the Pelicans in the playoffs, but I think the former C's point guard could easily fill Cole's sneakers.

Or if Rondo really wants to swallow his pride he could take a set in stone backup role with a team who already has an established floor leader. Is it possible that Rondo's stock has fallen so much he'd have to go down this route?

But as far as the Wiz, I'm sure old friend Paul Pierce, wouldn't mind having his former teammate serve as John Wall's backup for a year in Washington. The Wiz trot out Ramon Sessions as their reserve option. Does Rondo have more to give than the often traveled Sessions?

Houston is another option for a quick pit-stop for Rondo. Their starting point guard, Patrick Beverley, is an above average NBA guard, but plays with such reckless abandon that injuries are always a potential. He is currently out for the remainder of the playoffs with a wrist injury.

Plus, the Rockets backup is Pablo Prigioni, who will turn 38 this month, even though he looks like he is pushing 50's door down.

The Rockets are also currently starting Jason Terry, not exactly a spring chicken himself.

All in all, Rondo should have options this summer. Someone is going to a take a chance on him, even if it's just for a year. But whether he changes his ways is up to him, and it wouldn't hurt to shoot about 25,000 free throws a day this offseason.


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