Uncertain future for Chris Babb

The NBA is a business and over the last two seasons, the Celtics have employed virtually every type of player the league has to offer. They housed a former champion in Tayshaun Prince and a past college star in Evan Turner, just to name a few. The majority of guys who spent time in green these past years were relatively established role players and for them, it was business as usual; you're on a team, you have a role, you play within that role, and if things don't work out, you're usually shipped off elsewhere to try again.

However, Boston also had a number of much younger, undrafted, small-school athletes battling for court time and recognition to prove they belonged in the pros. For them, such as Iowa State wing Chris Babb, the business that is the NBA can be daunting, unforgiving and sometimes unfair, but such is life.

Undrafted point guard Phil Pressey also falls into this category as a 'fringe guy,' but he's gotten a lot luckier than Babb in Boston. The ever-changing roster combined with the low quantity of ball handlers resulted in Pressey seeing a respectable amount of court time and he was able to take advantage and have some good showings.

Pressey ended up dressing for 75 games and started 11 in 2013-14, and this past season he was on the bench for 50 games. Oppositely, at shooting guard and small forward, the Celtics maintained adequate depth, and this greatly restricted Babb's opportunities on the court; as a result, Babb got to play only 14 games in the 2013-2014 season and none in 2014-2015 as he worked in the D-League with the Maine Red Claws. Now as it stands, Babb is signed to a non-guaranteed deal for next season and his future in Boston and in the NBA overall, is questionable.

Jay King of Masslive.com reports that Babb's next step could rely largely on what the Celtics are able to get done this offseason in terms of roster transactions. The team currently has nine players set to return on guaranteed deals but they also have the four draft picks and tons of cap space for potential free agents. Depending on how the offseason goes, there simply may not be enough room for Babb on the roster going forward. Babb has made strides to concern himself with the things only he can control:

Honestly, it's not really in my hands at this point. It kind of relies on the draft and trades and whatever else. I'm just trying to find a spot to fit in, personally. I think I have a really good shot this offseason.

It's good to be confident and it sounds like Babb has a good head on his shoulders. If it doesn't work for him in Boston, he could certainly get picked up elsewhere, and if things don't pan out in the NBA, playing overseas is always a viable option. Best of luck Babb.

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