Star Wars: Potential Celtic targets rumored to be feuding w/ teammates

In order to secure the services of a top free agent, the Boston Celtics will have to convince the player that their situation will be an improvement of their current one. One thing that might help that pitch? If that particular player literally can't stand one of their current teammates.

Rumors are circulating that two potential Celtic targets, DeAndre Jordan and Jimmy Butler, might just be going through some of that:

DeAndre Jordan
Sources: DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul have had falling out throughout season, a fact that could push Jordan to another team in free agency.
Source: Bill Reiter

Jimmy Butler
Rose was never asked directly why he disappeared when his team needed him most, but sources tell 670 The Score that a common NBA problem affected the Bulls at the worst possible time – two alpha dogs and only one basketball.

It looked strange when wing Jimmy Butler kept flashing to Rose’s side of the floor, calling for the ball, as the Bulls’ offense was drying up. Rose was all too happy to oblige instead of waving Butler off and taking charge, either resetting the called play or taking his man – often the undrafted Matthew Dellavedova – hard to the rim for at least a likely foul.

Sources describe a passive-aggressive reaction from Rose that was the culmination of tensions building in recent weeks with Butler’s emergence as a primary scorer.
Source: CBS Chicago

For Celtics fans, this can only be good news; If true, it provides additional incentive for Butler (restricted) and Jordan (unrestricted) to want to jump ship.

As a writer at Celticslife, I believe I have 2 responsibilities here:

1. Make a sweet graphic showing Butler and Jordan in front of stars (nailed it)
2. Perpetuate the rumors with completely false reports

So if you don't mind...

REPORT: Derrick Rose 'not that psyched' for Entourage movie

According to sources close to the player, Derrick Rose has admitted that he is 'not that psyched' for the release of the Entourage movie.

The sources insist that Rose doesn't really feel like going out of his way to see it, and it's creating a rift between him and Jimmy Butler, who has a longstanding relationship with the Executive Producer of the film, Mark Wahlberg.

"Jimmy has been trying for weeks to organize a team outing to see it, and Derrick's been completely unresponsive" said a source who requested to stay anonymous. "It's gotten to a point where people have kind of came up to D-Rose, and he just won't budge. He keeps saying that he might go, but we know how Derrick is"

According to others, Rose has spoken even less kindly about 'Entourage' behind closed doors. Going as far as calling thow 'Pretty dumb' and calling the series finale 'The absolute worst.'

The 'Entourage' movie will be in theaters June 4th, and will feature several Boston-based athletes including Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edeleman.