Matthew Dellavedova is a bush league player

Surprisingly Dellavedova only received a common foul. He slipped out and did not speak with reporters after the game. However, his rapid departure didn't exempt him from being a postgame topic of discussion.

"That's just not a basketball play," Korver said of Dellavedova. "You look at the replay... It's just not a basketball play. Yeah. I expected it to be physical, but when it has to go to that length, it's just not the way it's supposed to be. That's not how you play basketball."

And Korver also had a message for the league: Do not hesitate to issue a suspension and a fine.

After several dicey plays which resulted in Cavs guard Matthew Dellavedova lunging his body at the legs of Atlanta Hawks players (taking one player out of the series completely, and removing others for short periods of times) Cleveland fans have been quick to defend their guard; He's just a scrappy player that plays really hard, and these events are the product of that.

There's some real irony to that. If the above quote looks familiar to you, there's reason for it; it's taken from a article discussing the round 1 incident that took place involving Kevin Love and Kelly Olynyk, but replacing Love and Olynyk's name with Korver and Dellavedova's. As you know doubt recall, Olynyk was subject of a good deal of ridicule as well as a two game suspension after.

Why Olynyk's incident ends in a two game suspension and Dellavedova's doesn't is a bit of a mystery. Dellavedova's intentions are about as clear as Olynyk's were - which is to say that short of the player confession we'll never know the players true intent. There's a compelling case to be made that this was completely a freak accident, committed by two of the league's less coordinated players. And there's a case to be made that was a malicious attack by a frustrated player.

That, despite my purposefully misleading headline, isn't to say that Dellavedova is definitively a dirty player. Just to point out that it's odd Olynyk will face a two game suspension to start the season and Dellavedova won't. And that it's funny to think there's probably more than a few Cavs fans who left some nasty comments on Olynyk's instagram account who now find themselves justifying Dellavadova's incident the way Celtics fans did weeks ago.