Friday Discussion: Would a Taj Gibson for Avery Bradley swap make sense?

Let me start this way to make it clear, there's no base to this. No rumor. To my knowledge, no respected journalist has even suggested it. Just a thought.

The Chicago Bulls were eliminated from the playoffs last night. Again at the hands of Lebron James. With history continuing to repeat itself, many question if the Chicago Bulls need a bit of a shakeup. With Tibbs presumably out the door to either New Orleans or Orlando, eyes have begun to turn to the Bulls roster.

With Gasol, Noah, Gibson and Mirotic all commanding significant minutes, it'd appear as if someone would have to be moved. Gibson would seem to be the most obvious candidate - He doesn't have the ceiling Mirotic has, but he's still young enough to be able to command a return.

While the Celtics certainly don't lack power forwards, they do lack any with Gibson's skill set; You know, someone who is actually good at defense.

So let's go Bill Simmons (RIP 1969-2015) on this. Avery Bradley for Taj Gibson. Who says no?

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