Celtic For Life: Paul Pierce's heroic game-tying three-pointer is 0.1 seconds too late

Ouch!. The Truth hurts sometimes, as was the case tonight in the Wizards' season-ending loss to the Hawks, where old friend Paul Pierce nearly tied the game with a crazy three-pointer at the buzzer:

They say baseball is a game of inches, and according to this play, basketball is one of mere seconds. 0.1 seconds is all that separated the Wiz from traveling to Atlanta for a Game 7.

It's too bad because you could tell the Celtics' fans around here were starting to ride the Wizards as their team for the playoffs.

Now the Hawks play LeBron James and the Cavs. That's a series that will be tough to get into. Missing out on another epic battle between Pierce and LeBron is difficult to swallow.

Hawks in 4!!!

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

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