The fall of Rajon Rondo in Dallas

The Celtics could allow LeBron James to scored 15 points in the final quarter of a playoff game, outscore the Celtics starting five when combined with Kyrie Irving ... and it's still not as bad as what is happening with former Celtics Captain Rajon Rondo and the Dallas Mavericks.

To fill you in on the most recent developments.
Now, many people think that this is a phantom injury inflicted by Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle after playing Rondo a whopping 34 seconds in the second half of their 111-99 Game 2 loss to the Rockets, but he may actually be hurt.

Injured or not the point remains the same: Rajon Rondo has been an utter failure in Dallas.

The Mavs have been outscored by 36 points when Rondo is on the floor this series. But this isn't about a player having a bad playoff series. That happens. Rondo has also been Dallas' worst plus-minus player in the regular season as well.

No to mention this heated exchange between Carlisle and Rondo that lead to a one game suspension for the All-Star point guard.

And in that tweet is the difference. One guy is selfless and the other just selfish. Crowder embodies who the Celtics are and Rondo is what this team could have been.

He has quit on the Mavericks and according to Adrian Wojnarowski he is already looking towards his next stop.
Everything's pushing Rondo closer to his inevitable free-agent fleeing to the Lakers this summer. As long as the coach is back, Rondo's gone, sources told Yahoo Sports. The parting could be mutual.

Not to diffuse a Woj-bomb because his overall premise is right , but it doesn't even matter if the coach is there or not.

Rondo is as good as gone and will be skipping his way into a yellow and purple uniform while singing LA LA LA

Count your blessings Celtics fans. We might get swept by Cleveland, but at least we ain't dealing with that.

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