Following a hot night at the charity stripe against Detroit, the Celts continue to improve their free-throw shooting

A huge factor in the Celtics victory over Detroit on Wednesday, was the team's ability to hit their free-throws, going 33-of-34 on the evening. The only miss came from Isaiah Thomas who made his other 10 attempts.

The C's 97% from the charity stripe puts them in the top-10 of single game performances in the last 15 seasons: (via Basketball Reference):

As a team, the Celts are shooting 87.8% from the foul line in April. If they are to have any chance in the playoffs, they will need all the points they can get, and free-throws with be a key factor.

Back in January, coach Brad Stevens addressed the C's issues at the line , per NESN's Zack Cox:

I will not lose one ounce of sleep on free-throw shooting. These guys are professional basketball players. We’ll get better at the line, we’ll shoot it better, the law of averages will play itself out. We’re going through a little bit of an issue right now, (but) that stuff works itself out with good shooters.

It looks like Stevens was right. The numbers this month are a positive sign for the Celts who didn't crack 76.4% from the stripe this season, before the calendar turned to April.


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