It’s a-bout to get interesting for Isaiah Thomas and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Isaiah Thomas’ 4-year journey in the league has yet to take him to the postseason but that could all soon change as the Celtics continue their #playoffpush. However, if Boston is successful in their remaining 3-game quest, it may present a scheduling conflict for Thomas supporting his boxer bud’s most important bout yet. Both known for their perserverance and defying the “size matters” in sports mentality, it’s not at all surprising that friends Floyd Mayweather and Isaiah Thomas are faced with potential dueling career highlights in the coming weeks.

When Mayweather’s highly anticipated and prominently promoted fight against Manny Pacquiao takes place May 2nd in Las Vegas the question is – will Thomas be ringside or will he be pursuing his own endeavors on the basketball court? Thomas has been in loyal attendance at Mayweather’s last five fights. Playoffs or not and as excited as Thomas is to hit a major milestone in his profession, he’ll also be making every effort to be there.

As reported by Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald, Isaiah said:

“If I can make it, I’m there. If there’s something that week, we’re in the playoffs and we have a day off, then I’m going. I’ve gotta be at that fight and show my support.”

Thomas clearly holds Mayweather in high regard and their 5-year friendship appears to possess qualities beyond the common ground they’ve established in athletic integrity. Despite the 12-year age difference and a demonstrated reciprocal respect…and maybe most importantly despite Mayweather’s record in the ring, Thomas proves unafraid to throw a verbal jab, or two when it comes to the game.

Via Murphy at the Boston Herald, Thomas explained:

“He’s just a fan of basketball. That’s all he watches, all day. He thinks he can play. I mean, he can play. We’ve played basketball before, but he thinks he can play professional. He talks a lot of mess, as people know. All he does is talk mess. He’s good, but he’s not as good as he thinks he is.”

Here’s a sample of Mayweather’s skills when he stepped out of the ring and onto the court earlier this year:

I know more than a few who would enjoy seeing an off-season main event on the hardwood – Mayweather v. Thomas, one-on-one. Am I right?

Steph sidebar: Regarding the May 2nd fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao, Thomas rooting for his friend doesn’t exactly mean he’s rooting against the enemy. Pacquiao was identified as a Celtics fan amid their championship banner year in ’08. So, when it comes to the results in Vegas next month – the Celtics can’t lose.

Photo credit: Lynne Sladky + Mark L. Baer

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