Green Envy: what Raptors fans said - 4/12

Most Raptor game threads were extinct, I had to search far and wide for one that had more than 13 posts. Most commenters I could find were salty with the sloppy play of their home team, but a few were clever in their disdain. It was a meaningless game for Toronto, clinching game for the C's... here we come #7 seed!! Read on to check out what Raptors fans posted tonight.

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Man buns are so passe.

JJ's hair is so Rodman, I love it.

Stevens ∞ > Casey

Play of the game (Crowder game winner)

I bet if he takes that exact shot 10 times, that's the only time he makes it. What a tough loss to the Celtics again.

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Good idea resting players for the playoffs

As a Torontonian living in Boston, I've been looking forward to tonight for awhile now. I'll be there!

Celtics officially made the playoffs tonight, so this game means nothing to them. Unless, they want to play somewhat of a spoiler and keep us from getting the 3rd seed.

I honestly would not be mad at all if we end up 4th so I don't care much about this 2 games..I know we are all about 50W right now but I don't care much about it, as it's just a stat that does not matter very much.
I just hope our squad stays healthy to enter the playoffs like the rest few games we played...WE CAN DO IT !

Hey we're winning cool

Holy shit Lou make a damn shot

Unbelievable play to end the half....How do you make a guy go from almost half court and do a leaner posterizing dunk with 4.6 sec with NOBODY stepping up to stop it????

Why is Lowry playing 1 on 5?

Getting out hustled

When they were good they were very, very good. And when they were bad they were horrid.

Lowry is playing like a true schoolyard chucker. No defence, wild shots, and no control.

man, jonas getting outplayed. he looks weak out there.

This is how we're playing so close to the playoffs??? Even if we get Milwaukee it'll be a tough series

I'm so sick of the Lou ISO play, at least get some movement you can always jack up a shot at the end of the shot clock

Goodbye 50 win season :(

Meh, let's not get 50 wins...'tis a silly number

Well... I’m kind of pissed that they’re not going for it. The 50-win thing I could understand for the health of the players, but I would think the 3 seed is worth fighting for.

I understand... I just think our only hope in the playoffs is if we get red-hot at the right time, like the NY Giants did the time they won the Super Bowl after finishing the regular season with a 9-7 record. Seems to me getting the team prepared for such a run has to be the top priority.

Exactly I agree entirely. Team is starting to cook, winning 6 of 8. Ride that momentum into the playoffs, don’t slow it down.

Same Especially since they had the inside track with CHI vs. ATL tomorrow. I still expect a competitive game tonight, but man.

Can we trade coaches with the Celtics?

I think GV is slooooowwwwwwww with his feet

Lowry just doesn't have the mojo he had early in the season

Seriously? Blowing a lead to Boston..... oy ve...

Boston is going to come out of this time out with a great shot attempt, because they have good coaching.

Let's see what kind of D we can muster up with 4.8 sec left on the shot clock

Thomas getting to the rim for a layup is a pretty good shot. I think we're all shocked that Ross was aware enough to block it.

LOL who else saw that shot coming?

Bang bang

Brad Stevens is a genius clearly. I do love him though, don't get me wrong. There just isn't this enormous gulf in coaching abilities.

Wasn't bad D but we deserve this

And that's the game fellas

The coaching ineptitude bowl will commence!

Celts shoot 38.4% and yet the Raps still lose...

Couldnt ask for a better defense on that last play though.. or did casey do something really dumb earlier. I didn't watch it from the beginning.

Paul Pierce licking his chops right now

Raptors were up by 2 in the 4th and thought the game was thiers.

Good thing is the Celtics confidence must be through the roof now, so they should easily sweep the Cavs in 4.

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