Cup of Joe. IT4 credits Pistons horrific defense for big night

Some nights, a player can just get hot. They just got that invincible feeling, and it seems like anything they throw up is going to go in. You'd expect to hear quotes from Isaiah Thomas saying that he was in a groove last night after he was able to put up 34 points in just 30 minutes of action. But he didn't feel like he just got hot, and he didn't really feel like he was totally in a groove. No, Isaiah Thomas just thought the Detroit Pistons defense was that bad.
"When I took an extra dribble, there was nobody around me no more sometimes. ... I wouldn't say I was on fire."
source: Jay King

“Like, I did a move, and ended up at the hoop. It was kind of weird”
Source: Adam Himmselsbach

We've all been there. But for most of us, that night came when we were 18 and it was because your dad's pickup league only had nine people show up and you were in the area.

For those who think Thomas is just being modest - you're mostly right. Thomas was pretty brilliant, particularly in the third quarter and that was only partially due to how bad the Pistons defense was. Combining a great mix of outside shooting and dribble penetration, with some truly dazzling splits in pick and roll. The kind of offense that makes a coach do this

Stan Van Gundy also had some choice words for his players during a time out that ESPN probably wish they didn't catch.

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Vintage WTHHT: What the Hell Happened To... Ed Searcy?
authored by TB727

Often times in What the Hell Happened To, we cross paths with guys who had short stints with the Celtics. Really short stints. But it used to seem customary for guys who were on the team at the beginning of the season and were let go to still be awarded that championship ring if the team went on to win it. Togo Palazzi proved it in 1957 and this week's WTHHT feature player, Ed Searcy proved it again during the 1976 campaign.

Ed started his career at Power Memorial High School in Manhattan (making him the 2nd WTHHT alumni of there along with Johnny Ezersky) alongside future NBA player Len Elmore. For college he decided to stay local and attend St John's University. His stats weren't available on basketball-reference but from all the articles I read, Searcy was a relentless rebounder and very good scorer. Standing 6'6 probably had him playing one of the forward spots in college (of course in today's height-challenged NBA, he'd probably play center).

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