Cup of Joe. Brad Stevens doesn't expect changes to starting lineup

Brad Stevens says he's considered changing the starting lineup but notes that Celtics have played well in 1Q. I expect changes in 3Q, not 1Q

Source: Marc D'Amico

And that's why Brad Stevens has a big house on the big side of town. Because while it has felt like the starting unit has struggled at time, just like he's said, they actually haven't had any real difficulties getting out of the starting gates: The Celtics have actually had a lead at the end of the first quarter in both games (1 and 4).

For whatever reason, whether that be adjustments by the Cavs, a drop in intensity, etc., The Celtics starting lineups problems seem to surface in the third quarter where they've been outscored by 13 total points.

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Vintage WTHHT: What the Hell Happened To... Ramon Rivas
Authored by TB727

He took the term "corpse" to an entire new level. But he played with Larry Bird, even if it was the 1989 season and Larry only played 6 games. You may remember Ramon Rivas.

Rivas was on that Puerto Rican National Team along with Jose Ortiz who played for the Jazz. They gave that 1990 Men's FIBA National Championship Team all they could handle in the Bronze Medal Game. I remember watching that game and not understanding. Then I realized how the American team wasn't pros and the Puerto Rican team was.

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