Steve Nash Retires

In case you missed it, 2-time MVP Steve Nash retired.  After being selected in the very-talented 1996 NBA draft, he'd go on to play for Phoenix (2 stints), Dallas while finishing in Los Angeles. 

I still remember the first-time seeing him play: 1993 vs Arizona in the NCAA tournament, as a freshman when he missed pivotal free throws, but ultimately helped Santa Clara (a #15 seed) upend Arizona, the 2 seed in the NCAA tournament.

Many people have opinions on his two MVPs and the legitimacy of them, but he won them and that's saying something.  He'll make the HOF and likely be remembered as one of the two best point guards of his generation, in addition to Jason Kidd.

So now that his career is over (and he nudged Mark Price by the slightest of margins in All-Time FT%) where does he rank historically?  The pro-Nash fans would say he's the best shooter of all-time, regenerated interest in offense during a down-time in scoring and that his 2 MVPs seal the deal.  The others would say he played in a weaker era and never got his team to an NBA Finals while being the main guy.

Who would you say had the most successful NBA career all-time of the players listed below?  Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts on Nash.