Rumor: Are the Celtics planning to pursue Kevin Love again this summer?

Basketball Insiders' Steve Kyler published an article this morning describing a number of teams' free-agent wish lists this coming summer.  On the topic of the Celtics, Kyler wrote:

The Celtics have a ton of cash and are geared up to use it. Target number one is Kevin Love. Target number two is Greg Monroe.

Sources close to the process say the Celtics’ plan to swing for the proverbial fences this summer including runs at [Marc] Gasol, [Kawhi] Leonard and [Jimmy] Butler too.

With a roster jammed with young guys, there is also a sense that Boston would be open to a sign-and-trade if they can get someone to take an offer as a means to avoid to the matching game and potentially open up more space.

USA Today's Hoops Hype took this nugget of info and ran with the headline: "Celtics to pursue Kevin Love and several other top free agents this summer."

Mass Live's Jay King threw up a post on it, tweeting: "Report: Celtics plan to swing for the fences this summer. Because of course they do."

King's summary nails it.  Boston will have lots of money and salary cap room available this summer.  Yes, they would like to spend it.  You don't need "sources close to the process" to to determine that the C's would like to "swing for the proverbial fences."

Kyler doesn't say how he came to the conclusion that Love is No. 1 on Boston's list, with Monroe No. 2.  They're both big men?  Gasol is as well.

It's no surprise that the Celtics will look to sign the top available free agents this offseason.  Whether or not any of them are interested in coming here is a totally different story.

Oh and guess what, the C's are in Cleveland tonight.  Perfect timing to rekindle some "Love to Boston" rumors.

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