Kobe Bryant resurfaces in L.A. on the same day Rajon Rondo comes to town

Kobe Bryant underwent season-ending shoulder surgery back on January 21.  Since then he had yet to attend a Laker game.  Last night Kobe was back on the bench.  It just so happened that L.A.'s opponent was Rajon Rondo and the Dallas Mavericks.

Tweets from a pair of former Celtics media members now working in Los Angeles:

This could very well mean nothing.  Holmes also notes that Lakers coach Byron Scott said he expects Bryant to be at every home game the rest of the season.  But, we all remember the Kobe/Rondo breakfast in Boston last December.  And after the Dallas trade, Kobe also made a point of saying he would still try to convince Rondo to come to Los Angeles.

Buckle up Rondo fans, this is getting real.  The free-agent-to-be very well might become a Laker.

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