Jonas Jerebko loves the Celtics, guarantees win against Grizzlies!?

Isaiah Thomas has not been the only man psyched to join the Boston Celtics at the trade deadline. Former Pistons forward Jonas Jerebko has also been vocal of his appreciation to wear green.

Jerebko has not been shy to express his excitement wearing a Celtics jersey, and even took it a step further calling a win in New Orleans. In fact, Jerebko seems to be calling a win on Wednesday as well:

Whoa, there Jonas. I love the heart, love the contribution and love the appreciation, but pump the brakes. The Grizz are a gritty team with a 45-18 record--good for second in the Western Conference. You don't want to fuel Marc Gasol's fire.

Then again, Jerebko called the win against Anthony Davis and New Orleans. With a Celts win tomorrow, Jerebko will be two for two. I'd wait till then to deem him the Swedish Nostradamus.