Hassan Whiteside clearly has issues, called out by teammates past and present? Update: Suspended

One more time, here's the play that got Hassan Whiteside ejected last night:

After the game, Kelly Olynyk appeared very confused by Whiteside's bizarre outburst:

Dwyane Wade publicly scolded his teammate for his unsportsmanlike actions:

Despite the obvious irony to hear this coming from Wade, it seems pretty clear that this is not the first issue the Heat have had with Whiteside.  Also quite interesting is the audio that found its way into the CSNNE broadcast immediately after Whiteside decked Olynyk (turn up the volume and listen closely):

Someone says "That's the Hassan I know, baby."  More than likely it's Isaiah Thomas, who ran over to help Olynyk up.  Thomas and Whiteside were teammates on the Kings during the 2011-12 season.  I wonder what sort of similar behavior Thomas has seen from Whiteside in the past?

These words from his coach don't sound particularly supportive:

It feels like we're finally starting to get a handle on why Whiteside hasn't previously been able to stick in the league.


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