Green Envy: What Sixers fans said - 3/16

Despite full acknowledgement of their tank-in-progress organization, Philly fans had a hard time stomaching a loss to the Celts. The hate for the green was passionate, and Evan Turner was a primary target.

The Slate:

Ish goes for 40 points, Furkan goes for 40 rebounds

Noel goes for 20, 10, 4, 4, 4 points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks

The Celtics have won the last 3 of this series by a combined 40 points.

Gonna lose. Boston has our number this year

It's Sam Hinkie's world and we're just waiting to be traded

I fully expect Noel to take zeller’s lunch money tonight

Noel getting cooked by Zeller lol

We’ll be fine, waiting for the 40-8 run we’re about to unleash then go 8 min in 3rd without a FG then get close in the 4th and from there we’ll see how the ball bounces

The good news is the 1st quarter can’t possibly be any worse than the rest of the game.

Another 40 point quarter. BB has lost this team,Embiids a bust, losing culture has taken over, Hinkie traded an all star in MC….I just puked. MCWs awful.

I’ve never seen a Celtics game where they were on the wrong side of calls. It just doesn’t happen.


I don't get it
Losing in this manner can only discourage the players even more than just simply putting in players together that have the talent and the chemistry, and losing by an honest effort, and I’m not knocking on any of these guys, but damn, to inflict this type of moral blow to these guys is disgraceful…

I’m behind on the telecast, but the Celtics color analyst (not Tommy) said that he wouldn’t be surprised if everyone outside of Embiid and Noel wasn’t on the roster next year. It’s hilarious that these guys get paid to talk about basketball with court-side seats.

You just know ET is going in at the half thinking he’s all sick.

Boasting about how we are pretty shit since he left.

Remember when Evan Turner said something like Jesus was hated too about him being booed.

I do kinda hope Boston are good in 3-4 years time so that we can bounce them out of the Eastern Finals on the way to ring number 1.

That would be the first ring of Embiids 5.

Take solace in knowing, despite how good Brad Stevens has been, that team is very limited.

Canaan even falls down on his uncontested 3's

Brad Stevens is a really good coach and only going to get better his 2nd year in the NBA. Brett had his number last year 3-1, but this year it’s looking like 0-4.

so much bitching about a meaningless loss

Another team at the lottery with us last year.
And will be there this year.

One of those games where you quietly change channels to the Food Network. Then you realize its Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives w/ Guy "Punchable Face" Fieri. At this point, you quickly turn off the TV and quietly sob yourself to sleep.