Green Envy: What Magic fans said

The Celtics narrowly avoided a third loss to the Orlando Magic this season as they overcame an 11 point deficit to beat the Magic Friday night. The two teams came into this year with similar expectations/goals, but as the season unwinds the Celtics have clearly distanced themselves as the better overall team. Can't help but notice a hint of jealousy when looking over Magic fans' comments from Friday.

Preparing for the worst to happen even when up in the game...

Is a ten point lead at the half even enough? We'll find out.

We need to be up at least 15 points in the final minute to guarantee at least a 2 point win.

Lots of complaints about the refs...

We're getting mugged on our drives to the basket and no foul calls.

God the celtics get calls we could dream of lol

Sometimes I think I'm being crazy bias about refs being terrible and then I see another terrible call.

...until Elfrid Payton made that a moot point

Payton something like 1-12 from the FT line. Celtics going hack on him now.

If EP hit all of his FT’s, he would have 27 points

3-13 at the charity stripe, oh my

Welcome back to Hack-A-Howard, Elfrid Payton edition


idk that sounds kind of weird but how about:Probe-A-Payton.. never mind it doesn’t sound any better

Push a Payton

My God! Elfrid Payton IS Rajon Rondo.

Best of the self-deprecation posts:
Channing Frye is useless.

Frye with another 0 0 0 0 0 game

Both our rookies are equal parts spectacular and terrible.

Oladipo, Master of the Meaningless End of Game Stats

Most Valuable Comment:

Ridnour is a hobbit wearing a ring of +1 strength

Full Slate:

Uhh... We're playing the Celtics...

Rofl , everyone is watching soccer. oh man!!?

I’ve got money on Orlando today so hopefully they pull out the upset.

If only Elf could make his ft's, he's getting anywhere he wants to get to today.

Payton hitting 3's now?

2 3's in a game?! I couldn't believe it when that second one went in.

AARON GOARDON making it look easy. Like a kids playing on the court during recess

WOW! AG just ripped that ball out of the air against a 7 footer.

Ok EP make just 1

Wow it looked like Borrego lit into Vuc for something as the players went over for that timeout.

Loving how our rookies look

Payton has been brutal at the FT tonight.

Watching JB's life pass before my eyes.

How does a prospect like Payton make it so far without someone getting him to work out his free throws to be at least serviceable?

Chris Mannix is commentating for the Celtics. The guy's a national sports writer and he knows nothing about half the players on the court. Also smart play by EP even if he's bricking every FT he gets.

Ohhhhhh EP trying to take over heheh

Rofl Ridnour with the block.

JB put AG on Olynyk to see what he can do. Will be good to see this.

Looks like a packed house in Boston That either means that a) our rivalry still lives on or b) they thought they would get an easy win

Screw the draft lets beat the Celtics-it would be nice to see them miss the 8th seed by one game

Ever since TH checked Turner, he went ballistic.

ET the killa

Why on earth are we switching Vuc onto Evan Turner every time down without even trying to get around the screen?

So Evan turner huh?

Evan Turner can't miss, has that ever been said before in the NBA?

Tanktastic run

Well get ready for a possible 6 game skidcavs, rockets, mavs, blazers, nuggets

That's a shame, thought we'd win this one.

This loss is fine. We need those ping pong balls.

Celts ought to be happy about Elfrid shooting FTs

Brad Stevens would have this Magic team in the 6th seed going to the playoffs.

Holy crap, I just saw the box score -- Payton is 4-15 at the FT line?

Well best case scenario it would have been 6-15. Hes only a 50/55% ft shooter

Everyone says they deserved to lose but Evan Turner saved their sorry a**es. Im fine with this loss.

Disagree. Losing begets losing. We have the talent to be contending for a playoff and aren't even in the ballpark of doing so. Over years now that's hurting our young guys as NBA players; hence why we haven't improved an ounce in 2 years.

All these loses are bad. That's why JV got fired.

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