Green Envy: what Knicks fans said - 3/27

Knicks fans are confident these days, confident that their team will win the NBA Lottery. They also seem to think that one rookie will turn this disaster around... good luck with that.

Same old song and dance:

Same story different day.

What a surprise...

what else is new, lol terrible Knicks

Tank machine:


Who cares if they're losing, get that 1st overall pick!

Good we lost phewww


Full Slate:

Is there even a reaction anymore...

Who cares at this point?

knicks are nba finals bound

It must be free ticket @ MSG in their all remaining games....

Gotta give the guy who posts these things credit, trying to keep any optimism for this team alive lol

Who cares if they're losing, get that 1st overall pick!

I stopped counting after 6 wins

only one loss away for the franchise 60th loss... please .... i mean whats the point..

Nice! We only lost by 4 points

Same story different day.

Knicks lose again. Good. Good. Everything's falling into place

Good we lost phewww

knicks lost.. SHooooooOOOOOOooooooockerr


Keep losing for Okafor

Knicks new logan: "hey we won in 1973"


What a surprise...

Smh this is a disgrace

1 loss away for setting a franchise record

Clyde still better than all the Knicks PGs

Put clyde in the game

That. Right. Next. Year. We will. Win.

good i was afraid we'd win

what else is new, lol terrible Knicks


Time for a playoff run? #nextyear

We are on the verge of 60 losses for the $60 million team president

Jahlil is so real..seeing him in Knicks colors next year would be huge

Everybody clinching the playoffs but my Knicks. You other fans don't know the half of it #RealKnicksFan

How much are Floor Seats @ the Knicks game going for?

with the first pick the New York Knicks select Luis Letona from the Irolo Dream Team.

knicks are gonna get lebron

I can't wait to see okafor wearing a Knicks uniform

are the Knicks the halftime show?

Best player on the Knicks is D Fish.

If the knicks ever win it again the parade would be epic

The only thing worse than my mood right now it's the Knicks' record..

The reason why the Knicks been going down hill since the start of last year #bringbacknovak

I love the knicks how much more loyal can I get

gotta have priorities. Mine are for the Knicks to provide me endless entertainment opportunities

Knicks didn't get blown out ! But they still lost LOL..

Knicks we at it again keep up the streak baby

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