Green Envy: What Jazz fans said - 3/4

After losing on a buzzer-beater, Jazz fans were not pleased. They targeted most of their hate at the refs and Isaiah Thomas. On the other hand, Jazz fans were a bit goofy, and perhaps most important: They really REALLY like Rudy Gobert.

The Slate:

Rudy Gobert. Gobstopper. Stifle Tower. Mont Bloc. Goober.

Ruuuuuuddddyyyyy. Rudy Rebound. Gobert or Go Home.

Rudy Abdul Jobert. Gobzilla. Rim Reaper. Rudy Freaking Gobert.

Celts Uni's look like old timey prison garb

getting killed by marquis daniels doppleganger

first thing I thought when I saw him
"Wow Marquis is still playing?"

Jae Crowder
Tonights Jazz Killer

Freakin Jae Crowder is destroying our will to live.

The power of the dreads.

Refs absolutely abolishing the Jazz tonight.

Marcus Smart whispered in the ear of Exum tonight
"Guess who just won Rookie of the Month"

as Bill Simmons laughs devilishly in the background

that Rudy hook is gonna be awesome next year

Thomas rebounding over Rudy and Evans.

He's just so little

Really poor effort on 50/50 balls Celts getting every one

I'm not even seeing any contact on these whistles.
Like seriously.

Crowder shaking his head like a 2K player lol

I think Stevens called in a solid to Hayward today
Where the hell is this guy???

G hammered, no call. Burke breathes on Crowder, 2 shots

One of the worst reffed games I've seen in a long while

Now I really want this one
Because screw these refs

Trey's had a great game, but that was a shi--y drive

hayward is getting frozen out by trey I think

Hayward freezing himself out

has Hayward touched the ball in the last 6 possessions?
Trey seems to be taking a shot or turning it over every time down the floor.

don't care for thomas much, but he works really really hard on offense
always moving, always fighting

always carrying


Hell, if Big Al and Duncan have done it, why not

heart is racing right now
feels like i’m on drugs, lol

the jazz are a hell of a drug sometimes

very high and then low and then high and then depressingly low game

Why'd they put Rudy so damn far away from the basket???

Just watched the replay and it was a perfectly fit ending to this game

Zeller shoves Hood in the chest to get open and hits the game winner. Game ball goes to the refs on this one.

Rookie coaching mistake. With 1.7 seconds left make them beat you from the outside--not with an essentially uncontested shot right under the basket by their tallest player on the court.