Green Envy: What Heat fans said - 3/9

After Hassan Whiteside's absurd flagrant two ejection, Heat fans were bummed. With the game tainted, ejection talk lingered throughout and dominated any other basketball comments. In short, it was a LOT of Whiteside talk, some general frustration, and of course a little hate for Tommy.

The Slate:

No way we lose this one

Poor defensive team? Below average front line? Young? Coming off a back to back loss to Orlando? We can’t lose this one. Especially if we have our full starting unit. Plus if we win and Charlotte loses, we move to 7th and a half game ahead of them. Must win.

WTF, SCALABRINE is no longer GOD .. but merely an announcer ?

I just panicked when Wade slipped.

Whiteside looks like he doesnt have any energy
Maybe the ankle is still bothering him

i like whiteside's fouls far more than rio's.

If you didnt watch any games yesterday you would think we are the ones coming off a b2b
No energy by the team

wow.. whiteside with the RAGE-DUNK attempt.

boston announcers just called wade a "dinosaur"

Dont they realize our dinosaur is out for the year

boston announcers are dicks especially that bitter old guy tommy

Do you think the Celts are finished as a great franchise?

Wtf is WS doing
Dunk that shit like a man

Oh man, here we go again
Such a talented player, but does these dumb things

I would like to think that someone low blowed Whiteside or something...?

What happened with WS???

Dunno, these Celtic telecast douches wont show the other side of things

He threw a hissy fit and got a flagrant 2

It was sad and ugly.

His temper is getting out of control
No point in playing him if he can’t keep his crap together.

We got a team full of headcases
But if Beas and Walker can keep their cool then Whiteside should be able to do the same.

right so...... the book on whiteside now is to troll the bajesus out of WH and get under his skin...
and dumb things happen !

Thomas get away with alot of shit

After watching the video
He might get the suspension. That was totally unnecessary. Guy needs to grow up if he wants to stick around for the long term

I really hope he doesn't become the East version of Cousins

Celtics have a very big lineup right now
We need to run them with our small ball

Down by 7 with 8:55 left.
Heat FTW

We ran out of grit tonight

I'm glad Deng is just a 2-yr rental. Goran is going to be great for us; someone to build with and upon.