Green Envy: What Grizzlies fans said

I mean, the Grizzlies are in sort of a slump, but seriously, who saw the Celtics coming up big in Q4 without Isaiah Thomas and beating them? That play out of the timeout with 52 seconds left was awesome. Olynyk's big plays also did not go unnoticed. Of course Memphis fans know that their team is going to make the Playoffs anyways, but seeding will be important and their recent run of defeats is not quite appealing. Oh, and they seem to be not liking their coach.

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The Nostradamus: We're not gonna smoke them. They play hard and are fighting for the eight seed for some reason

The Realest: this team has been so bi-polar recently i dont know whats going to happen

The Subtlety Sarcastic: Joerger is once again refining the Griz already-good skill at managing close games. He's trying to keep ALL the games close start-to-finish!

The Tommy Heinsohn from Memphis: Kelly "MJ" Olynyk torches KK.

The Project Runway judge: Isn't that Mike Miller's old hair on Olynyk?

The Full Metal Jacket enthusiast:

-- Sir?
See that #9 driving to the bucket for a layup AGAIN?
-- Sir, yes, sir.
He's a shooting guard. It's part of the job.
-- Sir, yes, sir.

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***At first they were happy...***

I'm hoping for a Jeff Green revenge game. :)

Our last three "unexpected" losses were against teams (Kings, Jazz and Pelicans) that could match our frontcourt. The Celtics don't have anything to offer in that regard, Marc and Zach should have a field day even if Mike is still hobbled by injuries.

Guys it's gonna be GiGi Datome tonight. I'm fine with him going off tho cause he's not enough to carry a team to a W

I'll take a 10 point win. Let's go Memphis!!!

No Isaiah Thomas tonight. That will help a little!

***Then they got cautious...***

I forgot Sullinger is out for the season. Man, there is no way these guys should be able to hang with us. And they beat NOLA in NOLA the other night before we went there and got beat. WOW

BOS playing free and easy. Jacking shots with no worries. MEM working their way back down to their usual sub 40% shooting. LOL. Nothing comes easy for the Grizz. It just wouldnt be right.

We have seen it all before. Apparently MEM is going to play with fire once again and figure they will turn it on when they really need to. They might make it, they might not. Who knows?

ZBO+Marc+JGreen = no made FGs? Oh man....

***Then they turned on their team...***

Hey we should be easier on Marc. I mean this is BOS he is facing. Gigi Datome, Jonas Jerebko, Kelly Olynyk, Tyler Zeller, et al. A proverbial murderer's row of defensive geniuses. Zero points for Marc should be understandable. Its just a bad matchup for Marc......yeah....right.

Like I said Conley has been turning the ball over more than usual.

Man this is sloppy off the boards. We have ONE OF the best front court pairing in the NBA, and we are playing a 3 guard set and taking jump shots? What is Dave doing???

MARC SCORED!!!!!! TWO POINTS!! You go Marc.

Really Tony?!! Stay in your lane bruh.

Nick Calathes is just no threat at all to do anything offensively

***Then Conley sorta got injured...***

No. No. God no.

Popovich would rest a player if he was beat or dealing with nagging injuries. Just saying. Don't be an idiot Joerger or we'll be out numbered and out coached in the time when it matters

Guess it's time to call up russ.. :(

Conley..."going to try to return to the game." If he does, Dave should have his *** kicked hard. That'd be pure stupidity

Conley back in. Really dumb move.

Dave, you are downright STUPID!!! gET Conley OFF, HE'S HURT MAN!!! [n.b. the disorderly capital letters]

***Then things got worse...***

-The 2 ex-Boston boys 5-20
+we have 3 ex Boston boys

that big doofus (Olynyk) just keeps killing us. and another turnover by Zach

get a STOP Here!!!

***Then the awesome timeout play happened...***

how do you let that happen? how does nobody communicate? Lee needs to stop whining and just get ready for the next play. Just cannot believe an "elite" defense got schooled like that

Don't think many people saw that coming with 52 sec left.

***Then they lost the game...***

I swear we could play a college team or Chinese league team and it'd still come down to the wire.

well we got what we deserved. Thanks Dave

This team is not a contender. We are the pacers of last year

There's no way Grizz will be a 2 seed. What's up with Gasol?

Dj just got outcoached by Brad Stevens.

Maybe they should have kept Qpon and Prince until the had better options.

Grizz give up 31 pts in the 4th quarter???? Elite defense?? Where was it???

someone needs to be in that lockerroom throwing something or yelling or something.