Evan Turner matched Russell Westbrook's big stat line (sort of)

Last night the Celtics kept human wrecking ball Russell Westbrook below his regular output of late (he was averaging triple-double since the All-Star break).  Boston "held" Westbrook to just five rebounds, along with 10 assists and five steals.  In fact, a Celtics player even out-dueled OKC's superstar in those stat categories.

Evan Turner grabbed six rebounds, while equaling Westbrook with 10 assists and a career-high five steals.   Of course, Westbrook also scored 36 points while shooting 8-for-26 from the field and 19-for-22 at the free-throw line (quick sidebar--am I the only person who thinks Westbrook's recent accomplishments are somewhat overrated because he dominates the ball so much and shoots all the time?).

Turner went just 3-for-6 for eight points.  But, that's a good thing.  Turner is at his best when he's not looking for his shot, and more often than not it's a positive sign for the Celtics if he doesn't have to.

I've always been skeptical of whether or not Turner is good for this team beyond this season.  But, when he does the little things that fill up other numbers in the box score, he's a guy who can fit in anywhere.

Plus, how can you not love this?

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